Air Hope


Who We Are

Air Hope is here to provide Emergency Air Boat Transportation in the event of a flood.  We are working toward getting an airplane to provide Air Transportation for those in need. Whether it’s having to be at a medical facility for treatment or helping in disaster areas, Air Hope wants to help make that happen.  Air Hope was designed to help those in need, whether it’s from rising water or getting someone somewhere quick.  Mark Smith is a twin engine instrument rated licensed pilot and the captain of the air boat.  Mark lives near Lindsay, Oklahoma.  


Currently we work with Grady County Emergency Management, Cajun Navy and GulfSAR.  We have talked with USCG Oklahoma auxiliary about helping them in some capacity. 

What We Do

Last year in 2020, we witnessed an unseasonal amount of hurricanes. They are expecting another abnormal amount of hurricanes this coming 2021 summer.  We hope to respond to as many of these as possible, in the event of flooding, people’s lives will be saved. 

Air Hope has provided ground transportation to a single woman who needed shingles delivered to her home.  Her roof was deteriorating after each Oklahoma storm and sweltering sun beating down on them.  Someone stepped in and purchased the roofing material needed and Air Hope transported the material to her doorstep.  We even unloaded it!

Air Hope started with a heart to provide air transportation. However, because of the lack of finances, we are not able to meet this need yet.  In the past, Mark flew cancer patients, a burn patient and individuals that needed to be someplace faster than car or bus could get them there without any financial burden on them, they have enough to deal with. We can work together helping them focus on getting well and we can provide that Hope together.  Maybe you know how or wish to help this to happen.  Please see below, in the place that talks about How you can help.

Our Boat

Our air boat has a seating capacity of ten people plus the captain.  We have life vest for children up to adults. We have even strapped one on to a dog for safety sake.   We have been inspected by the United States Coast Guard. 

We always have a spotter on the boat, at times more than one spotter.  They are there to help guide the captain and help people getting on or off the boat. 

Our Diamondback airboat has a 550 HP corvette engine that powers a Tri blade propeller.  We have rescued and transported people and animals. We have even rescued a small water craft and two occupants whose engine failed them and were floating down stream at the mercy of the swollen river.  

We go when eminent danger is on the horizon or when called upon.  Air Hope is all about providing HOPE when people are in need. 

Our Plane

Well, we are hoping for one like this….  a Beechcraft D-18 or a C-45.  It flies about 200 mph, a cargo door (some do), can carry up to 2,000 pounds or several people with gear.  There is even the ability to fashion a spot for a patient to lie down on a bed.  There are faster airplanes out there, which is nice, however, we feel this is a good way to start on a budget that is not strong. 

Maybe you can help?